Time to feel CALM with The Ultimate Calming Toolkit

Imagine having all the tools you need to reduce anxiety!

Powerful, effective and simple tools you can incorporate into work and home.

This Calming Toolkit is the perfect solution for you if you….

Calming toolkit

The churning stomach, the tightness in your chest, the nerves that grow bigger....

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Helen Goad

Hey there,

I first created this amazing toolkit for NHS workers, it was called the ultimate anxiety toolkit. Because during the pandemic and following NHS staff have really suffered.

This phenomenal service we know and love is under
enormous pressure and the impact on its staff at times
feels insurmountable.

The ultimate calming toolkit has helped many, not just nurses and radiographers. I have updated it and now it is The Ultimate Calming Toolkit, which I know will help you to feel calmer in your business and also personal life.

I know it has helped many other people in different roles, teachers, paramedics, managers, and many business owners like yourself. 

So, are you looking for something that you can use and implement straight away, something that you can incorporate into your daily routine?

If that is YES, then sign up today

Because when we feel a calmness within we have amazing foundations to grow from.

You love what you do, you just do not enjoy the yuk that can go with running your own business. You have the passion and drive to fly, you just need a CALM foundation to build and grow from.

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You CAN have it all....

Confidence, Calmness, drive, and passion

Life can feel calmer and your confidence can grow, you can use these simple tools and techniques to help you to cope, and feel confident, and capable again.

By incorporating some simple but highly effective tools and techniques into your day, you can and will take the power back and feel calm again.

The Ultimate Calming Toolkit has tools and techniques that you can use throughout your day and no one will know –  because The Toolkit is designed for ease of use.

Imagine how far you can fly with a calm foundations, confidence that grows with ease. No more negative feelings holding you back or dragging you down, squashing your confidence.

Inside The Ultimate Calming Toolkit you can find.....

What you get, is a mixture of audio and video lessons that are tips and tools you can use to aid calm, because when you feel calm you deal with life easily.

Ultimate Calming Toolkit

What Ultimate Calming Toolkit users say...

Last night I did the Deep Belly Breathing that Helen teaches in the Toolkit. Deep Belly Breathing, whilst EPIC, is also one I often forget to do. I slept like a log last night. As I hadn’t slept well for ages, I was VERY VERY happy! Thanks Helen, this Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit is going to help a LOT of people…

Helen is such a wonderful therapist. Her knowledge of anxiety is second to none. Helen has produced an amazing tool kit with so many tools that can be used, it’s fab.

Helen is kind, caring and extremely supportive, so glad I’ve had a chance to work with her.

The Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit took my breath away!

From the moment Helen started speaking a sense her calm voice started working it’s magic.

I worked through each of her videos, each manageable and not at all overwhelming.

Get Your Ultimate Calming Toolkit today for £27

Originally designed with radiographers and nurses in mind

Redesigned for business owners