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The Anxiety Transformation Hour

The Anxiety Transformation Hour

60 Minutes to solely focus on finding freedom from Anxiety

Unlock the door to Anxiety Free Living

Invest £97 in your mental and emotional health.

Begin your journey to an anxiety-free living today.

Helen Goad Anxiety Therapist


I am Helen the founder of Your Calm Mind Academy.

Before training as a therapist, I worked within the NHS as a radiographer. Seeing my partner’s struggles with anxiety and panic led me onto the path I am now following and growing.

I have seen how debilitating anxiety and panic can be, my aim is to help my clients to live an anxiety-free life.

Anxiety is a natural and normal response to a threat, however feeling anxious all the time or for no good reason is NOT normal.

I can help you to reduce and in many cases remove unwanted anxiety permanently.

This transformation session is to focus on one anxiety trigger.

Opening your door to an anxiety free life.


What you get

60 mins 1to1 Zoom call

Short introduction video that talks about our brain in relation to anxiety and why you can’t just switch those feeling off.

A consultation form/questionnaire to help pinpoint anxiety so that you can get the best out of your 60mins with me.

Anxiety Transformation Booking Pathway

What you need to do once you have booked your session with me

How to Book your Anxiety Transformation Hour

Find your release from anxiety with my new ‘Anxiety Transformation Hour' – 60 minutes to really focus on finding happiness and freedom.

If you want fast relief from the symptoms of anxiety, grab an hour with me 1:1 via Zoom, take action today to increase calm in your life. Both you and your business will grow with ease when nothing is holding you back.

The techniques I may use

Hypnosis – A form of relaxation that involves an increased focus

BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) – Fast paced, dynamic therapy great for Anxiety, Fears, Phobias and Panic

WSN – Parts therapy that looks at the leader, the fun-loving and the caring parts of you

Based on your responses, will determine whether BWRT, hypnosis, or parts therapy is the ideal approach to alleviate the anxiety. BWRT targets intense triggers, hypnosis is effective for moderate discomfort, and parts therapy restores confidence crushed by anxiety

What people have said....

Anxiety Transformation Hour
Anxiety Transformation Hour
Anxiety Transformation Hour with Helen Goad

***Whilst this session can go a long way to helping you to overcome anxiety and feel calmer, there may be a need for more sessions to achieve an unwanted anxiety-free life. I will send emails following the session with ways you can work with me should you want to or need to.****