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Calm Public Speaking

Show up with Confidence and Ease in your business with my short course £349, be Powerfully Visible!

Speak Confidently

What do you get with the Calm Speaking Course

Therapy and coaching with Helen Goad

One to One Sessions

x3 one-to-one therapy sessions over Zoom or face-to-face in my office.

The sessions will range from 45 mins up to 2 hours. 

Calm lady


Stay calm to present effortlessly, confidently engage on social media, and fully enjoy and benefit from in-person events.



Present yourself with confidence, knowing that you can do so with ease.

Present yourself publicly with confidence and ease!

Say goodbye to the anxiety that often accompanies speaking events, whether in-person or on social media. Gain confidence and speak effortlessly, growing a powerful presence in your business. Connecting with your dream client becomes easy and flows when you show up in various ways.

Bid farewell to the physical manifestations of fear such as tight chests, nausea, racing hearts, or nervous bathroom trips. The inhibiting anxiety associated with visibility and connection no longer impedes your ability to achieve the business you need and deserve.

Imagine the positive impact on your business when you exude a powerful and calm presence. This newfound confidence extends beyond your professional life, making you more at ease in various aspects of both your personal and business life.

Rather than letting fear hinder your progress, imagine growing your business and surpassing income limitations with ease. Embrace the freedom to explore, allowing both your spirit and business to soar. Invest in your future growth by enrolling TODAY.

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