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Calm Flying Course

Fly with Confidence and Ease with my short course £349

Lady flying with ease, calm flying course

What do you get with the Calm Flying Course

2 ladies flying with ease, calm flying course

One to One Sessions

x3 one-to-one therapy sessions over Zoom or face-to-face in my office.

The sessions will range from 45 mins up to 2 hours. All are to be taken before you fly.


Relaxation Audio

Enhance your peace of mind with a wonderful relaxation audio. Download it to your smartphone, tablet, or any device for a safe and enjoyable journey

fly with ease

Breathing Technique

Discover a simple, calming breathing technique video to keep safe, which aids relaxation and soothes your breath, leading to a calmer body and mind.

Fly with ease everytime you fly

Say goodbye to those fear-stricken holidays and spoiled trips that have haunted you in the past. It is time to fly calmly and confidently. Picture this: the moment you book a vacation, an exhilarating rush of anticipation and joy starts building up inside you.

No longer weighted down by tight chests, nausea, or heart racing that anxiety induces, every holiday or business trip becomes a blissful adventure from the very beginning. The excitement grows exponentially as you draw closer to your dream destination, ready to explore the world with ease.

Imagine cherishing those precious moments that create memories lasting a lifetime. Each day becomes an opportunity to seize the wonders of new places, savour new experiences, and bask in the joy of living in the moment.

Now, instead of letting fear hold you back, you can embark on every holiday with a heart full of excitement and wonder. Embrace the freedom of exploring, and let your spirit soar in the vast expanse of this beautiful world.

Calm Flying Course, book your first session today!