A Calm mind can handle any Storm!

Calm and Resilient - Show up with Confidence and Calmness in your Business

Overcome all obstacles with ease and bounce back effortlessly with my Signature Programme.

Feel Assertive, Grow in Confidence and Master Calmness

Book your calm call with me to make sure we are the perfect fit, when coach/therapist aligns with YOU and your needs, amazing things will happen!

Calm and Confident and resilient

Running your own business is challenging and can be draining on your energy and resources. It can feel like a very lonely place at times.

It can be filled with –

keeping you stuck!

What if you knew beyond all doubt that you could bounce back with ease, be able to tackle any obstacle that life or business may throw your way and feel calm?

Go on imagine that, how good does it feel?


You know you need to do something NOW so you can show up, but not sure what or how to feel calm and confident?


Have You:

But with no lasting effects, you feel like you have wasted hours and hours on things that haven't worked.

The CALM and RESILIENT programme is just what you need, no more time-wasting.

Feel Calm and Confident and know that you can bounce back with ease.

Invest £2499 in yourself, your business and your future.

Helen Goad

Who am I to help you?

Here is how it all began...

I was working as a radiographer within the NHS before our boys came along, and out of the blue one night when they were toddlers, my partner started having panic attacks.  It was shocking and scary and sadly he continued with anxiety for years.

Watching his struggles I felt helpless and frustrated, I felt compelled to support him, and others going through similar or those dealing with loved ones with anxiety.

I witnessed the power of hypnotherapy with my partner and in 2014 I qualified and set up my hypnotherapy business.

Fast forward to today, I have gone on to work with thousands of people to overcome anxiety, confidence issues, and life struggles.

I have added other tools to my toolbox from EFT to NLP and BWRT to a parts therapy. 

I work with small business owners like myself, to have a business and personal life blend that works. Are you ready to grow, to smash your goals, to live your dream life because you feel Calm Resilient and Confident?


Coming last isn't working for you and you are fed-up with your result

Strong and resilient in business

Fast, Effective Coaching and Therapy that lasts!

What you get with CALM and RESILIENT -

Calming toolkit image

The Ultimate Calming Toolkit

Unlock free access to the Ultimate Calm Toolkit. Explore a variety of techniques to find the perfect ones that fit your needs, putting calm at your fingertips.
Talking therapy Helen Goad

One to One Coaching AND Therapy

Begin your transformative journey with 8 personalised 1-to-1 sessions, bespoke to your needs and wants*
Text support

Me in Your Pocket, during and after your sessions.

Enjoy Voxer text support between sessions and receive 3 months of ongoing assistance after completion for any small challenges and wobbles that may arise**

Calm and Resilient is a transformative programme that not only diminishes uncomfortable emotional responses like tension, anxiety and panic but also equips you with a powerful tool and technique that you can use in virtually every life AND business scenario. Together, we craft your personalised internal coaching team, providing you with the strength, power, assertiveness, and calmness needed to run your business.

You emerge as a Confident, Happy, Resilient, and Calm solopreneur.

Picture waking up every morning, feeling calm and ready for the day ahead, confident in your ability to handle whatever challenges life throws your way. With my programme, you’ll gain the skills and mindset to navigate your journey with ease, creating the most amazing business person you can and will be.

Invest £2499 in yourself, your business and your future.

Payment plans are available so that you can spread the cost if needed.

Leave the Sleepless Nights and Overthinking in your past where they belong

If you would prefer to email me - helen@calmmindacademy.co.uk or

*8 1:1 sessions to be taken over a maximum of 12 weeks. The sessions will last from 45mins up to 120mins.

**Voxer support, Voxer is a secure messaging app. You can use it to ask questions, have a rant, or let me know how well you are doing. I will reply to messages during my working hours. I work from 9-4pm weekdays and Saturday mornings. Please be aware that if you message me late on my working day and I am working with a client, I may not return it until the following working day. My phone is always on silent when I work with clients.

The 3 months of support following your sessions with me will comprise of 15-20 min sessions over the phone or via Zoom. Text support via Voxer will also be available during the 3 months.