Calm Mind Academy

Welcome to Your Calm Mind Academy

Where I transform overwhelmed, unconfident and unsure business owners into confident, self-assured entrepreneurs who can find success by overcoming anxiety.

Fast effective permanent therapy that is dynamic that creates calm and confident next level business owners.

Remove unwanted anxiety, and watch your inner calmness and confidence grow.

How it works

Your Calm Mind Academy offers

  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy® (BWRT) is a new therapy that provides an entirely natural way to help rewire your thoughts and emotional reactions
  • Hypnotherapists use hypnosis as a non-invasive method to create a totally relaxed state in the client’s mind and body, in order to help the client make the changes that they desire
  • And using counselling to give enlightening insight into why you feel the way you do.
  • Our brain works faster than we are consciously aware of, so this makes it impossible to control an emotional response that our mind has learned through experience. By the time we become aware of the problem, our brain has already acted and it’s too late for our logical brain to intervene.

We stop this cycle in its tracks FAST!

And the only question I need to know to do this is “where do you feel the pain and your vision of how would you like to feel and be”

It is that easy!

Why trust me?

With thousands of hours of therapy work in my career I have dramatically and quickly changed lives with my dynamic trio of therapies.

I have given hundreds of clients the freedom of mind to create a life they have dreamt of.

Imagine anxiety has been removed and you have full confidence in yourself PERMANENTLY!

I am a hypnotherapist and BWRT Practitioner and Counsellor, using these combined trio of modalities I fast track clients results permanently and dynamically.

All of this in one place, the Your Calm Mind Academy.

Because when you prioritise inner calm, you’re better equipped to confidently tackle anything life throws your way.

With a strong sense of inner peace, you’ll approach challenges with ease, resilience, and a clear mind, ready to overcome them with grace.

Helen Goad Anxiety Therapist

So when you are feeling inner calm and peace, what can you achieve?

” I get social anxiety sometimes as well as have a driving phobia so I reached out to Helen for some help to make certain situations more comfortable. The first thing we looked at……

I had zero anxiety in the run-up or on the day – I can highly recommend Helen ”

Helen Pritchard

Did you know:

75% of women in leadership positions have experienced impostor syndrome across their professional journeys – Entrepreneur 

60% of women put off starting their own business due to imposter syndrome – Natwest Group

Four in five small business owners tell us they’re experiencing poor mental health – Mental Health UK

68% of Small Business Owners suffer with poor mental health – HR News

I could add more, but I feel these are enough to show you that you are not alone.

" Pain Pushes, Vison Pulls "

Pete Cohan